King Jarle & Queen Freya: Viking Saga of Battles & Dragons

The legend king of the Jarlhalla Viking clan


In the cold and perpetually shadow-draped valleys of Jarlhalla, the legend of King Jarle and his queen, Freya, was whispered on the winds and muttered in the awe-filled tones of the old and the young alike. Jarle, a patriarch of unparalleled valor, was not only the leader of his clan but also the chosen rider of the sun-system dragons, celestial beings that soared through the heavenly expanses above with the brilliance and intensity of the ephemeral stars.



The sun-system dragons, cosmic creatures composed of solar matter and ancient stardust, were bound to the royal bloodline of Jarlhalla. They were luminous and immense, with scales that shimmered like the rings of Saturn, and eyes as deep and burning as the coronas of distant suns. Each dragon was named after a celestial body, their presence a testament to a time when the universe itself had kissed the earth, instilling these dragons with the formidable power of the sun-systems they corresponded with. King Jarle’s dragon, Solstice, was a majestic beast with wings that could eclipse the sun, while Queen Freya’s mount, Helios, bore specks of solar flares across its iridescent hide.


Together, they were invincible, and under their command, Jarlhalla prospered and flourished. However, as is the nature of all extraordinary tales, darkness lurked on the horizon. Word began to spread through the clans and beyond the misty borders of Jarlhalla—the ancient prophecy of the Shadow Eclipse was unfolding, a celestial event prophesied to usher in a wave of darkness potent enough to shroud and extinguish the sun-system dragons’ fiery essence.



It was during the Feast of the Solstice, when laughter and ale flowed as freely as the rivers, that the sky began to darken unusually early. The stars, usually vibrant, flickered hesitantly. King Jarle and Queen Freya felt a chill spread through their spines, an instinctual terror that whispered of the coming oblivion. They looked to the horizon and saw it—a swirling vortex of cosmic shadows, an abyss in the sky, rolling towards Jarlhalla like a relentless tide.


The couple mounted their celestial dragons, commanding their warriors to prepare. As the shadowy gale approached, the dragons roared, a sound that mixed pain with defiance. The Shadow Eclipse was more than just a prophecy; it was alive, sentient, and hungry for the radiant souls of the sun-system dragons. Amidst this chaos, a figure emerged from the dark winds, riding the currents of the cosmic storm—a rogue star rider, clad in the nebulae’s dark robes and riding a dragon of seemingly pure void, named Eclipse.


He lifted a void-imbued spear, pointing directly at King Jarle. His voice, when he spoke, was like the vacuum of space—cold and devoid of all warmth. “I come for the ancient power, the light that will fuel the rebirth of my forgotten realm.”



Battle ensued, a maelstrom of clashing lights and shadows. Solstice and Helios rallied, their sun-fire breath clashing with the cold dark of the Eclipse dragon. Every blow between the titans shook the foundations of Jarlhalla, threatening to tear the very fabric of their world apart. Through strategic might and the unyielding spirit of Jarlhalla’s finest, the Shadow Eclipse was momentarily pushed back. Utilizing a rare moment of vulnerability, Queen Freya and King Jarle forged a path straight toward the rogue star rider. It was Freya who dealt the critical blow, her spear glowing with the fierce intensity of Helios’s heat, piercing the heart of Eclipse.



As the rogue star rider fell, the shadow began to dissolve,

like mist under the morning sun’s scrutiny.

The cosmic event receded,

and the celestial balance was momentarily restored.


Jarlhalla rejoiced,

their king and queen hailed not only as earthly sovereigns but as cosmic warriors who had battled the darkness itself.


as the celebrations echoed through the valley,

both King Jarle and Queen Freya felt an unsettling certainty—this was but an omen of darker times to come.


In the halls of Jarlhalla,

among the clinking of mead cups,

they prepared,

knowing well that the cosmos was vast and full of terrors,

and that their battle was merely the first of many.

As for the sun-system dragons,

they stood vigilant,

the guardians of light against the encroaching shadows of the universe.


Exploring Blackwood Grove: Lost 1924 Expedition Journal

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