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Journal Entry Year: 2023

**Journal Entry: October 1st, 2023**

Today, I begin my journey into the world of astronomy—a daring leap from my usual hobbies, which generally center around the safer, more predictable realms of books and indoor plants. My fascination started recently, when I stumbled upon an old, dusty book about the constellations in a quaint little shop down on Redwood Street. The thought of billions of galaxies, each with their own set of mysteries, was enough to stir up a burning curiosity I didn’t realize I possessed.


**Journal Entry: October 8th, 2023**

My first stargazing attempt was tonight, armed with a borrowed telescope and a child-like excitement I hadn’t felt in years. As the night deepened, so did my immersion into the speckled abyss above. What struck me was not just the sight of distant suns and planets, but the eerie silence that enveloped me. With each star, the night seemed to lean in a little closer, whispering secrets of the cosmos directly to my soul.


**Journal Entry: October 15th, 2023**

How strange and fitting it was to meet Eleanor tonight, a veteran in the field of astronomy, during my now regular late-night observations. As she adjusted my telescope with practiced ease, she told me of “…the stars—how they are not merely balls of gas, but stories, waiting patiently to be read.” Her words sounded almost rehearsed, yet they pulsed with an authenticity that only genuine passion could breed.


**Journal Entry: November 1st, 2023**

Tonight, Eleanor showed me how to chart the paths of planets. There’s a mathematical beauty to it, a predictability. But there’s also something haunting about it—as if understanding the paths laid down billions of years ago brings us face-to-face with our own impermanence. I felt an uncanny chill as I plotted the trajectory of a distant planet, a chilling dalliance with the infinite.


**Journal Entry: November 11th, 2023**

I am learning that astronomy is not just a science but an invitation to question. As I spent more nights under the sky, the fabric of reality seems progressively thinner. Stars I charted no longer feel like distant fires but eyes in the dark, observant and quietly aware. The darkness between them feels deeper, almost sentient, as if it watches me back with a cosmic indifference that is both terrifying and mesmerizing.


**Journal Entry: November 20th, 2023**

Something happened tonight. As I looked through my telescope, a fissure appeared in the sky—a rip in the velvet of night, revealing what seemed like another layer of darkness. It was darker than anything earthly, pulsating with a life of its own. Had I crossed an unspoken threshold, breaking into a realm not meant for human eyes? The fissure widened, then snapped shut as suddenly as it had appeared.


**Journal Entry: November 28th, 2023**

I’ve realized there is much more to astronomy than I had ever anticipated. Not simply the observational, the cosmological, but something deeply personal, perhaps even spiritual. The stars, with their ancient light and enigmatic silence, seem to reflect not what is, but what could be—insights into not only the universe but into the self.


**Journal Entry: December 5th, 2023**

Tonight, I trace the constellations once more, their myths now vivid in my imagination. The sky no longer seems a distant, cold void, but a tapestry rich with story and song. Yet, the memory of the rift watches me, a reminder of boundaries yet to be explored, perhaps never meant to be crossed. As I stargaze, I realize I am not merely looking out into the universe, but it is also looking into me, exploring the depths of my own existence through its silent, watchful gaze.


2137 Poseidon Initiative: Probing Hadal Deep Secrets


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