Mysteries of the Mayan Jungle Part 4

Mysteries of the Mayan Jungle Part 4

Journal of Father Alfonso Cabrera, Spanish Missionary

Entry Date: February 2, 1774


Entry 1: February 5th, 1774


After many weeks at sea and on the rough trails of New Spain,
our missionary group has reached the edges of what the native populace calls the “Sibil Ch’aac,”
or “Sky’s Crying Forest.”
Our purpose is to spread the gospel and learn of the natives’ ways,
possibly integrating their customs with our teachings.
we establish a temporary encampment by a river said to flow from the very heart of the jungle.


Entry 2: February 10th, 1774


We ventured deeper into the jungle today,
led by a group of willing native converts.
They speak of ancient spirits that dwell within and guardians crafted of stone that protect sacred places.
Though it is my mission to replace their idolatry with the light of Christ,
I admit a fascination with their beliefs.
The dense canopy above casts a twilight aura,
giving a sense of walking in a perpetual dusk.


Entry 3: February 20th, 1774


I have started to learn their language,
and in doing so,
find myself increasingly drawn to the stories of a place they regard with both reverence and fear.
They speak of a “Lake of Mirrors,”
supposed by them to reflect not the face but the soul.
It is encircled by statues,
sentinels of a lost time.
My curiosity grows daily,
though we have yet to find this mysterious place.


Entry 4: March 3rd, 1774


blessed by a clear sky,
we stumbled upon ruins overtaken by the jungle’s embrace.
Massive stoneworks covered in carvings of what the natives call “Ixchel’s brood.”
My guide refuses to approach, claiming bad spirits dwell there,
angered by the presence of outsiders.
We performed an exorcism and blessings,
yet even I felt a strange unease,
as if unseen eyes watched our every move.


Entry 5: March 10th, 1774


The deeper we travel into this jungle,
the heavier my heart feels.
Last night,
vivid dreams of walking through the jungle not as now,
but as it once might have been,
teeming with a civilization vibrant and alive,
yet distinctly otherworldly.
The plants whispered and the trees seemed to shift place.
When I awoke,
for a moment,
I could not tell if I was still in a dream.


Entry 6: March 15th, 1774


We reached the lake.
It is exactly as the natives described:
eerily calm and surrounded by those looming stone figures.
I felt compelled to look into the water despite warnings.
The reflection was not my own but a visage distorted by time,
and I heard low whispers that seemed both a greeting and a warning.
The Christian in me recognized this as a test of faith,
yet the scholar wondered about the truths these waters held.


Entry 7: March 18th, 1774


Our stay by the lake has been fraught with tension.
Illness has taken one of our brethren,
and restlessness consumes others.
Last night,
a feverish delirium took me,
and I spoke words I did not understand,
as if someone or something used me to speak.
We shall leave this place;
it holds a power I fear is beyond our comprehension and perhaps older than the Church itself.


Final Entry: March 20th, 1774


We leave behind the Sky’s Crying Forest,
its depths uncharted and mysteries unmastered.
In my heart,
I carry a fear that we have touched upon something ancient,
a knowledge meant to be left undiscovered.
May God have mercy on us,
for I fear the jungle will not.
We return to civilization carrying warnings in our spirits;
some places are meant to remain untouched,
held by those who walked this earth long before us and perhaps still do.



Father Cabrera’s writings were preserved in the church archives,

regarded by many of his contemporaries as the ramblings of a man touched by the wildness of an untamed land.


to those who ventured into the Mayan jungles in the centuries that followed,

his diary offered the first whispers of the deep,

unsettling truths lurking in the shadows of the great trees—a foretelling of encounters with a world both splendid and sinister.


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