The Haunting of Høgsfjord Part 1

The Haunting of Høgsfjord

The legends of Høgsfjord are etched deep into the fabric of its history, whispered among its people, and carried through the generations. But none is as chilling as the tale of the old hag who roamed the villages during the Black Death, wielding a broom of twisted, ancient wood.


In every house she entered, she swept meticulously, her sharp eyes scanning the floor for any remaining speck. Her appearance was grotesque: a face lined with age and malice, eyes sunken and devoid of humanity, and a crooked smile that hinted at her sinister power. It was said that if even a single grain of sand was left behind after her sweeping, at least one person in the household would perish. But if she found nothing, death would claim every living soul in the home.


Her visitations spread fear and despair. The people of Høgsfjord knew that once she crossed their threshold, death was inevitable. Her broom was no mere tool but a harbinger of doom, each stroke a silent promise of suffering.


When the hag arrived at Kolabygdi, the air was thick with dread. The villagers had heard the tales, had seen the bodies piled high. They knew what was coming. But in this village, fate took an unexpected turn. A young woman, strong of spirit and heart, stood defiant. She was no ordinary villager; she had faced darkness before and emerged unscathed. Her name was Helga, and she was determined to end the hag’s reign of terror.


As the hag entered her home, Helga watched her with unblinking eyes. The old woman began to sweep, her movements slow and deliberate. Helga could feel the chill in the air, the weight of death pressing down on her. But she did not flinch. Instead, she seized a coal from the hearth, its surface glowing red and hot.


With a swift, determined strike, Helga thrust the coal at the hag, knocking the broom from her hands. The old woman shrieked, a sound that seemed to pierce the very fabric of reality. In that moment, her power was broken. The villagers watched in awe as the hag fled, her once-commanding presence reduced to that of a cowering shadow.


From that day forward, the power of the old hag was no more. Kolabygdi, spared from her wrath, became a symbol of resilience and hope. The village was named after the coal that had driven the evil away, a reminder of the courage it took to face the darkness and prevail.


The story of Helga and the hag is still told in Høgsfjord, a testament to the strength that lies within even the most ordinary of people. It is a tale of horror and mystery, a reminder that sometimes, the most fearsome of legends can be vanquished by the simplest of acts.


And so, the people of Høgsfjord continue to live, their lives touched by the shadows of the past, but their spirits unbroken. For they know that as long as there is courage, even the darkest of curses can be overcome.


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