The King and the Troll

The King and the Troll

In an age long forgotten, there lived a king, a sovereign haunted by the spectral vestiges of a time immemorial. One fateful day, during a hunt through the sinister depths of an ancient forest, the king found himself ensnared by the labyrinthine woods, his strength ebbing away under the weight of an ominous fatigue. As night descended with its unholy shadows, a monstrous apparition emerged from the gloom—a colossal troll with three hideous heads.

“I shall reveal the path to your forsaken abode,”

the troll intoned,

its voice a grotesque amalgam of otherworldly echoes,

“if you pledge to bestow upon me the first entity that greets you upon your return to your accursed keep.”


Desperation clouded the king’s judgment,
and he acceded to the creature’s dreadful terms,
believing it to be his faithful hound,
which always met him first.
The troll,
with a malevolent grin,
guided the king through the spectral wilderness,
and soon the spires of his ancestral castle pierced the horizon.
But horror gripped the king’s soul as,
this time,
it was his cherished daughter,
the princess,
who greeted him at the gates.
Dread settled upon him like a shroud of darkness,
and in his despair,
he proclaimed to all the land that any man who could vanquish the troll and save the princess would be granted her hand in marriage and half the kingdom.


From distant realms,
mighty warriors and valorous heroes converged,
drawn by the king’s desperate plea.
Among them was a humble swineherd,
an unassuming lad who volunteered to tend the royal swine and protect the princess.
His only companions were three formidable hounds
and Bitihel
—each possessing a ferocity that belied their mundane names.
the swineherd,
with his canine sentinels,
ventured into the haunted pastures that stretched to the edge of a malevolent fjord.


On the first Thursday eve,
the troll emerged from the abyssal waters,
the very air trembling with the cacophony of its arrival,
and the fjord’s waters ran crimson as if with freshly spilled blood.
As the beast lumbered ashore,
intent on desecrating the royal grounds,
the swineherd unleashed Riv upon it.
With savage tenacity,
Riv tore into the troll,
seemingly vanquishing it.
The swineherd severed the tongue from one of its ghastly heads.
the other would-be protectors of the princess absconded with the severed head,
leaving the troll’s abominable life force to reanimate its remaining heads and retreat to its lair.


The following Thursday,
the troll returned,
its visage even more hideous and terrifying.
The very ground seemed to quake under its advance.
This time,
the swineherd loosed Slit upon the abomination.
Slit ravaged the troll anew,
and again the swineherd claimed a grisly trophy
—the tongue from the second head.
The other champions,
seized the head itself,
allowing the troll,
though diminished,
to once again flee and recuperate.


On the third Thursday,
the troll rose from the fjord’s depths,
the waters churning with an unearthly fury,
and the sky reverberated with the sound of cosmic dread.
As it set foot on land,
the swineherd released his most fearsome ally,
An apocalyptic battle ensued,
a clash of titanic forces that defied the natural order.
At last,
the troll was felled,
and the swineherd cleaved the tongue from its final head,
while the other warriors,
as before,
claimed the head.


The procession to the king’s court was fraught with tension.
One of the three pretenders presented the heads,
arrogantly declaring himself the victor.
But as the swineherd approached, he spoke with quiet authority.


“Yes, here are the heads, but where are the tongues?”


The question hung in the air like a death knell. None could produce the grim relics, and thus, the swineherd revealed the tongues, sealing his triumph. As promised, he was granted the princess’s hand and half the kingdom. His loyal hounds—Riv, Slit, and Bitihel—remained ever vigilant, their fierce loyalty ensuring that no harm would ever befall him.


Unveiling the Secrets of Finnskogen: A Haunting Expedition into Norway’s Legendary Forest

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